Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5 Months

Here we are again another month gone by and as a mother i feel as though each milestone is slipping away and even though i love each new stage i am not quite ready for the old stage to be over yet! Things I LOVE about Olivia's new developing personality....She screams at me anytime she wants my attention. She loves to eat and get so excited when I'm feeding her. She will smile at anyone who will talk to her and her whole body spasms because she is so excited. As i kiss her she grabs onto my face and hair to pull me in closer and kisses me. I love watching her play with her sister and them laughing together. I love all of her sweet little baby noises and her perfect little baby features. I love each and every roll on her little legs and her soft perfect skin. I love her beautiful thick long eyelashes and could stare at her sleeping all day. I love that when i am not around her i want to be because she makes me so happy! I love that she loves her mommy but by the end of the day when her daddy gets home she wants only him and she will look back at me as he holds her and then barries her head into his shoulder and smiles. I love what Olivia adds to our family and the joy she brings to all of us. I love sitting in the living room giggling and playing together. It is those moments that make all those temper tantrums and tough days as a mother worth it! Developmentally Olivia is rolling over and is starting to master sitting up by herself. We dont dare leave her alone yet but she can sit for long periods of time all by herself. I am looking forward to seeing my girls grow and continue to develop.

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