Monday, October 3, 2011

4 Months

Olivia turned 4 months on the 17th and she is growing more and more everyday.

Weight 11 lb 4 oz 5th percentile

Length 23 1/2 in 25th percentile

Head 15.2 inches Her head size is to small its not even on the charts

Olivia is honestly the most pleasant baby I could ever ask for. She sleeps 12 hours at night she takes two great naps during the day and always has a smile for everyone. She loves her tongue and sticks it out ALL the time it is so adorable. She has discovered her hands and plays with them all day. She will only sleep in her bed with her blankie over her face and gives you the biggest smile when you go to pick her up. She loves her sister Gracie and will always giggle when Gracie talks to her. She is very ticklish and has the cutest giggle you have ever heard. She doesn't ever cry but she has the cutest little wine to tell you when shes tired or hungry. She is getting stronger and can sit up with just a little assistance but still has no interest in rolling over. She is just growing much to fast but each month she gets more fun and interactive. She is such a great addition to our little family and I dont know what we did without her.

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Mindee & Austin said...

You have such georgous little kids! There eyes are so blue and pretty! I found your blog through a friends, and couldnt help but comment...seriously, so cute!