Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a Week???

Boating at Pineview with the Biddulph clan!! So much fun we love boating:)
Volleyball and BBQ at the park with The Hatch crew and Corrianne!

The girls:)

Me and my sweet hubby bowling the night away!!

On our way up to park city for a romantic getaway! Hurray

Well we had a pretty busy week something every night not to mention Mike leaving for work at five in the morning and getting home at seven:( On Wednesday we are leaving for San Diego to take Gracie to Sea World, Zoo, and wild animal park so i will have lots of pictures when we get back. Sorry for the crapy post sort on time:)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Best 3 Years Of Our Lives

Well me and mike have offically been married three wonderful years. All week we have talked about how fast time goes and yet we cant remember life without eachother. We have created a beautiful family together and could not be more thrilled with our lives. Heavenly Father put us on the fast track road i think when we got married. We got married VERY young, got pregnant within the first month(on birth control), bought our first house, and mike is done with school in December and both of us would not change a thing. Mike is honestly the greatest husband he always well almost always:) helps around the house he is always so conciderate of me and still a gentlemen and he still works to keep the romance alive in our marriage. Everyday i love him even more although eachday i cant imagine being able to love him more. There are always ups and downs dont get me wrong no marriage is perfect but each down makes your marriage that much more perfect on the up. We have a had a very fun week our actual anniversary was on Wednesday and we both had to work so we got chinese food and rented a movie and came home and ate on the couch(our favorite). Then Friday night we went up to Park City and stayed in a room for the night and my mom kept Gracie. We had SO much fun we got lost going there which always starts us out on a laughing like we are in high school kick. Then Saturday night we went out with a group a friends to Iggy's at the junction and then went bowling and after went to farr's ice cream yummy! All in All it was a wonderful week and i have a wonderful husband and a wonderful life. Thanks to everyone who have always supported me and mike and our little family we love you all!