Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow Day!

Today I took Gracie out to play in the snow for the first time because she hasnt had snow gear but grandma Teresa got her some for christmas so we took her out and she loved it but it took her a while to get use to it. Here are a few picts!


Sorry it is hard to get a good picture because it is a small space!!

Gracie was so cute at Christmas this year! We enjoyed just watching her because she was so excited about everything she got. She is so much fun right now she is getting such a personality and it is adorable. We ask her who is coming and she says HO HO HO! It is so cute. She got a little purple and pink kitchen from Santa and then just a few little toys and some cloths. Because of the economy this year money was pretty tight so for me and mikes christmas present we remodeled our bathroom since we had all the stuff to do it. Mike just finished on Saturday and I love it so much. It was pretty awful before it had half blue carpet and half yellow lanolium(i have no idea how to spell that) I should have taken pictures before but i forgot. Anyways here is some pictures i hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brad's Wedding!!!

Weddings....Weddings.....and more weddings! December has been so crazy with weddings. Me and Mike both had our brothers get married within days of eachother which is fun but totally exhausting...Brad got married today and it was a beautiful wedding she was such a beautiful bride and they make a very cute couple. They got married in the Salt Lake Temple at nine forty and then we had the wedding breakfast at my moms this afternoon. There reception was at the golf course in Kaysville and it was so fun. Here are just a few pictures from today! Enjoy...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Landon's Wedding

It's been a long day.............

On Saturday Landon got married and it was a beautiful and very special day. They are so adorable and so in love. It snowed in the morning at the temple but it was just a light snow fall so it was so beautiful. Then they had there wedding breakfast at The White House in Bountiful which was very fun. They that night the reception in Roy at Julie's church where Santa came and we had such a great time! Congrats to Landon and Julie we love them so much and are so happy for them!