Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weber State Fireworks

On Sunday we went to the Weber State fireworks with my family and had so much fun! It started to rain for a little bit but Gracie thought that was so fun because we were all hovered underneath blankets. It was kind of nice because it cooled it off because it was so hot when we first got there. That is one of my favorite events in July because i love seeing old friends and hanging out with the fam. I got to see my dear friend Ashlee who i never get to see anymore so that made my night:)


The two people i love the most in this whole world!
Mike's adorable brother Alec who we were visiting and yes ladies he is single:)

Our long sleepless nights........

Miss Attitude being pulled around on her chariott

Grandma caving into her and giving her what she wants

This was the prettiest light house on the pier in long beach

Its been a long day and she is tired i wish i could do that when i get tired and dont want to walk anymore

The Family

She loves her Grandma and Grandpa.........Thanks for everything mom and dad deru!!!!

She had to pull a suitcase too in the airport....she turned quite a few head!!! It was adorable

Out five minutes after we lifted off the ground thank goodness!!

Landon and Julie

That is in front of the hotel we stayed in.

Thanks to my awesome father-in-law we were able to go to California for a long weekend and visit Mike's adorable brother who is working at camp Cherry Valley for the summer on Catalina Island. We were flying out on Thursday and Gracie woke up at six puking her guts out with a high fever and the shakes. So all morning i was cleaning up puke getting ready to leave in just a few hours with Mike at work making a doctors appt for my sick little angel and her crying for me to hold and sooth her. I was so stressed about now getting everything ready and then my angel mother came over and held her so i could get ready to go and take her to the doctor to make sure she can travel. Well we get to the doctor's office and she started running around and was fine. So thanks to my mom and higher power from above we made our plane, gracie was heathly and happy and there for so was the rest of us and the plane. Can you imagine sitting behind a puking screaming two year old in a small plane not a good thing but she slept the whole time and no one even knew she was on the plane. Anyways the first day we arrived We stayed in long beach and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp then walked along the pier. It was so beautiful and the perfect weather. Then the next morning we got on a boat that took us to Catalina Island where we stayed on the boys scout camp in a big round tent called a yurt. It was suppose to be really warm at night there so we didnt bring any blankets and to make a long story short it was freezing so we didnt get much sleep but made a lot of fun memories. While we were there we got to go sailing, canoeing, snorkling and hanging out on the beach(or should i say rocky shore line:) We came home on Sunday and traveled home with no problems. We had such a great vacation and our so grateful that we had the opportunity to go. Sorry there is a lot of pictures and i put them on in the wrong order so they go from the bottom up.

4th of July

She is pooped after a long day of fun!!
Us at the parade!!

Best Buds!!

Okay i know i am way behind on my blogging this summer. It is just such a crazy time and i havent been able to post so i am going to do a little bit of some catch up. We had such a fun 4th we went to the parade in the morning with Raechel and Nate and then Mikes little sister Laura came and then his brother Landon and Julie. It was so fun to watch Gracie experience the parade other than she was a little over stimulated so she was in a bad mood and she was a little young to get the whole candy thing but it was still way fun. Then we went to Mike's uncle and aunt's house for a huge party they throw each year. It is so much fun lots of food, swimming and of course fireworks! Each holiday is so fun to experience with our little Gracie. She brings back the excitment in holidays. It is also so fun to create our own traditions as a family and memories.