Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Addition

Yes me and Mike are pregnant with our second baby!! We were so excited when we found out we were adding to our little family. Our next one is due April 30th which makes me eight week along...I have had a way harder pregnancy this time than I did with Gracie. It sucks to be sick but in the end it is so worth it. We told Gracie and she is so cute she keeps telling everyone she is going to be a big sister. She at first said she wanted a baby sister but now she is saying a baby brother as long as it is not one of each i dont care what we have:) Well we will keep everyone updated but for now that is all I have!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

San Diego!!!

Is it Almost time to start the Vacation i am sick of waiting......

We left for San Diego on Wednesday but stayed the first night in Vegas so it wasnt such a long trip for Gracie and then drove the rest of the way on Thursday. Friday was our first day and we went to the Wild Animal Kingdom. It was 108 degrees and no shade with lots of hills to climb to see the animals. Needless to say it was not the funniest day there but it was still better than being at home working:) Gracie loved the animals and riding the mary go round. My dad loved riding his electric scooter:) Since it was so hot we left the park around two and went back to our condo to go swimming and dinner.

Saturday we went to the San Diego Zoo which is right next to the ocean so it wasn't near as hot still hot but not as hot. This was one of Gracie's favorite days she was so super cute. She loves animals so much and for some reason calls them all "buds" so as we would see a new animal she would say "HI BUDS" in her cute little high pitch voice. Because we were by the water that night we ate on the pier at an amazing sea food resturant and you ate right on the deck and watch the sunset. It was so beautiful and it was probably my favorite thing we did.

This was us eating on the water Gracie just loves her grandma:)

On Sunday we went down to Cornodo to the beaches and walked the pier with all the cute little shops. We ate at a really cute italian resturant where Gracie got bit by a dog what luck huh? She is two and that is her second dog bite i guess we have learned our lesson Gracie likes dogs....they dont like her:)

The final day was Monday and we went to Sea World. Gracie loved Shamu and is still talking about it she also got to feed the sea lions which she was pretty excited about. We left on Tuesday and got to Vegas where we ate dinner at the cheesecake factory with my sister and her family who lives there. We made it home on Wednesday and had the best time ever. Gracie was a great little traveler and loved spending the week with the people she loves. Sorry this is such a long post we have a million pictures so i tried to pick out the one's that showed our trip the best!!