Monday, August 22, 2011

Bath Time!!

Gracie loves Olivia to take a bath with her!! They are getting to be so cute together Gracie gets Olivia giggling!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 Months

I tried flipping these but it doesnt transfer to the blog so sorry:(

My little miss Olivia Jane turned three months yesterday and it was mixed emotions. Happy because I am loving her new stage....She is so smiling and she will just sit and talk to you it is so adorable. Sad....because she is getting so big already there are still a few newborn outfits she wears but is officially in zero to three months outfits. Relieved....because I am always soooo paranoid about SIDS and the older she is getting the better I start to feel! Blest....because I have to beautiful daughters that I love so much my heart hurts when i think about them and I cant wait till I can be a stay at home mom to them and not have to go to school! Grateful...Because my sweet little Gracie loves her sister so much and as we drive somewhere she literally sits and giggles while playing with Olivia and it melts my heart as a mother to see them as such good friends. It took a journey for us to get our new sweet little spirit here and I was really worried about Gracie's age and all of us adapting to a new baby but it has been perfect I think we all wanted her so badly that all of us appriciate every little thing about our lives. Mike adores Olivia he has just bonded so well with her and when he gets home from work he takes over, changing bums, bathing, stories with the girls... I just couldnt ask for a better dad to my little angels!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


For Mike's gift i made him a basket of all the reason's I love him!!

He got me two dozen roses!!

Daddy and Olivia

Mommy and Olivia

Me and Mike celebrated our five year anniversary on Friday. I cant believe all that has happened in five years! I dont even remeber my life anymore without Mike in it...We have been together for eight years even though two of them we spent apart:( We celebrated by going out to dinner just the two of us and then rented a movie! Olivia is still too tiny to leave overnight so we are planning our big celebration in Feburary when we go on our cruise that we have been planning on and saving up for since we got married. We made the plans to go on one when we were on our honeymoon and we have been saving up ever since. I am so happy to say that i married my best friend and we have only become closer and happier the longer we are married. I look at my life everyday and wonder what i did to deserve the paradise i am in....and most of all i look forward of whats to come!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Olivia's first camping trip!!

Bedtime stories!

Boating at Hyrum lake!

On our way....we got lost:( but then we made it!!!

So this weekend Olivia went on her first camping trip and we took out the tent trailor for the first time(thanks again becky:) It was amazing Olivia loves being outside so she did great and Gracie has always been a little camper she loves it! We went up on thursday to Hyrum lake and then came home on saturday after boating. I HATE camping until....the tent trailor! What a difference we all had a comfortable bed to sleep in off the floor!! We are already planning the next trip because we all had so much fun although my house is still reflecting the trip:( I am offically doing the last load of laundry and the trailor is now clean for the next trip!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yes I turned 24 on Friday and I have to admit every birthday tops the one before. My hubby made my day amazing by taking the day off work and taking me to breakfast and then my favorite thing shopping at the mall!! Then we went and had a BBQ at my moms and swam in her pool..then dinner that night. Mike surprised me with buying me a ton of stuff for my home salon once i actually graduate:( Then he bought me whatever cloths I wanted and didn't ask how much:) And of course my new car which was an early present but still my favorite!! I have an amazing family and between my mom and husband they always do so much to give me an amazing birthday!