Friday, November 5, 2010

Our little miracle!!

Finally the wait is over... it finally happened no more crying because you want something so bad that you can't have. We have a special new little spirit on the way that we are so excited for. We have been excited but so hesitant just in case something happened again like it did the last time. We had a doctor's appointment at eight weeks and saw the heartbeat then we just went in again and heard the strong little heartbeat and the doctor said everything looked great he said all my levels are perfect and the baby is right on track. We are just about twelve weeks so we are almost out of our first trimester and my doctor said we are finally in the safe zone! So I figured its the perfect time to let all of our loved one know our news! We will be having a perfect little May baby again and Gracie is sure it is a girl...but her dad is sure its a boy!! All i care about is a healthy baby I dont care what it is. Gracie is so excited and is so cute about her new baby. I have been way more sick with this baby but I am finally getting out of that stage and am feeling great other than just always tired. We will hopefully be finding out what we are having at our next doctors appointment so we will keep you posted!!